Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is a Nationally Rated Testing Laboratory (NRTL). More importantly, UL is the oldest and most trusted NRTL in the world. UL’s commitment to establishing and maintaining safety standards is unmatched.


UL Certification means that a given device or procedure has been evaluated (in this case UL/ULc1389), and has been found to meet or exceed the established safety standards for the device or procedure’s intended application. UL Certification also specifies the application, and level of certification.

  • C1D1 (Class I, Division I) is defined as a locations where volatile flammable liquids or gasses are handled, processed or used. Modern plant oil extraction uses various volatile chemicals to interact with the source plant material under pressure to produce the final product yield.
  • C1D2 (Class I, Division II) is defined as a location where volatile flammable liquids or gasses are present only under abnormal conditions.

UL has evaluated the materials, components, manufacturing methods, and installation standards used by Podtronix, AND the enclosure itself has met or exceeded UL’s safety standards.

It Matters!

Don’t be fooled! Many advertise that their products are “Built to UL Standards” or have “UL Listed” components. They are not UL Certified C1D1 Extraction labs, and may actually be unsafe. Podtronix ONLY builds UL Certified C1D1 Extraction labs! Be aware. Be safe.

Explosion Proof?

The term ”Explosion Proof” is being used throughout our industry these days… incorrectly. It does NOT mean that something that will survive an explosion intact. When used in our industry, the intention is to indicate something that has been designed to minimize or eliminate the potential of spark or heat that could lead to a fire or explosion. You will not find the actual term “Explosion Proof” on any product used in our industry. UL Certification means that every single component, every light, switch, electrical contact, and device has been certified by UL to met the highest established standards of safety. UL Certification is not only very expensive, but a significant effort, as well. Most companies in our industry are unwilling, or unable to commit to the rigorous and expensive certification process.

Why Did Podtronix Get UL Certification?

One word: Safety. UL Certification shows that our commitment to your safety is our highest priority. It shows that from the initial design, all the way through the process, to the final startup and commissioning, safety demands our attention with every decision we make and every component we install.

The Benefits

When you build to the highest build and safety standards available, not only is your safety assured, but quality of the final product is the best it can be. Our final product has not just been built, but crafted. The “Fit & Finish” of our C1D1 Lab and C1D2 labs show the high level of dedication and pride in what we do. The end result is not just remarkable, it’s life saving!

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