Prefabricated C1D1 (Class I, Division I) extraction labs and traditional construction (wood/sheetrock) C1D1 extraction labs both serve the same purpose, that of providing isolated hazardous environments optimized for the safe extraction of plant oils using highly volatile chemicals. However, prefabricated labs offer several advantages over traditional construction in terms of cost, speed, flexibility, and safety.

Here are the benefits of choosing a prefabricated extraction lab over traditional construction:

Reduced Build Cost

Prefabricated C1D1 Extraction labs have lower construction costs overall. Because they are manufactured in a CNC environment, material waste and labor costs are minimized. Since most enclosure designs utilize many of the same components, we mass manufacture them in advance, and maintain a standing inventory. Mass production of these parts allows us to maintain high quality throught the production run and at the same time minimize not only material usage, but material waste. A standing inventory of these components ensures availability at all times and allows for a consistently lower price.

Quicker Turn Around

Because of our “Pre” prefabrication and standing inventory of common components, the production cycle for uncommon components is dramatically shortened, resulting in the fastest turn around possible! Our installation teams have years of experience and training, which shortens the installation time even further.

Note: Podtronix prefabricated C1D1 Extraction labs are also UL Certified, which means that every code required safety feature is fully integrated, functional, and in compliance from the moment the installation is complete.

Complete Flexibility

Prefabricated C1D1 Extraction labs are modular, which makes it easier to expand or reconfigure any time your production demands require expansion or modifications. Prefabricated enclosures can be disassembled, moved, and rerassembled in the event that demand requires you to move to a newer, presumably larger facility.

Consistently High Quality

Our CNC centric manufacturing environment gives us complete control over standardized common components. This allows us to minimize costs and waste without sacrificing quality. Minimizing and recycling waste material is also environmentally friendly, reducing our footprint as much as possible. We recognize that it is our responsibility to practice an eco-friendly approach whenever possible. We design and manufacture all of our own enclosure components in-house to ensure a perfect fit every time, on every build. Consistency is critical to a producing a quality build.


The material used in prefebricated C1D1 Extraction Labs (steel) provides a level of safety not achievable with traditional (Flammable) wood/sheetrock construction. Depending on the compliance requirements governing you facility, traditional construction may not even be an acceptable option, due to fire/safety concerns.

Minimal Disruption

Prefabricated C1D1 Extraction Labs are primarily created off-site, and are merely assembled at the desired location. Because of the quick installation time allowed by prefabrication, you will experience less disruption of your pre-existing business activities near the installation area. Also, prefabricated steel component assembly creates less dust and airborne contamination when compared to traditional wood/sheetrock construction.

The benefits of prefabricated C1D1 Extraction Labs are clear:

  • Safer
  • Lower Cost
  • Consistently High Quality
  • Quck Turn Around
  • Modular and Flexible
  • Movable
  • More Eco-Friendly
  • Less Disruptive

There are other benefits you may find along the way. You should also take note that all Podtronix C1D1 Extraction labs are certified (UL/ULc 1389) by UL to have met or exceeded the highest safety standards. This is not possible for traditional wood/sheetrock installations. Your safety is our highest priority!

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