Made in the U.S.A. by PodTronix

Engineer Approved

Modular Environments

Grow Rooms and Labs Made In The USA!

At PodTronix, we understand the value of using only high quality materials and components in the products we make. All of our products are made right here in the USA.

Our Grow Rooms and Labs are Stackable!

Think vertical! Our systems can be stacked. Add grow rooms, labs, offices, a balcony, or mezzanine. Double your space without increasing your footprint.

Podtronix C1D1s Are Engineer Certified!

Our C1D1 (Class 1 Division 1) and CO2 Lab mechanical drawings include a certified engineering stamp, verifying full code compliance for your 'Pre-Build' approval.

Custom Is No Problem!

We engineer our products to conform to whatever your specifications may be. At PodTronix we love a tough puzzle.

Speed To Market!

All of our products are pre-made and assembled at the factory so setup and start up are quick, easy, and painless!

Pre-Fab Extraction Labs & Grow Rooms

Our Pre-Fabricated units are engineered to fit your requirements, built to fit your schedule, and priced to fit your budget. Pre-Fab your vision!

Spent Vent

With each of our customized Working Lab environment, you receive a secure, modular, cost-saving lab, with an unbeatable return on investment! By using high-cube shipping containers as a starting point, we can keep costs low.
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Podtronix modular rooms is a cost-effective and timely answer to your build-outs, clean room, working, grow & GMP certified environment needs. The pre-engineered environmental building design allows you to immediately put a facility into use and quickly adapt with minimal installation and avoid costly down time. 

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PodTronix Coatings products are quite unlike epoxies, polyurethanes, and polyurea coatings, being VOC-free and BPA-free.
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