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Answers to the most frequently asked questions…
Can I get a custom Extraction Booth/POD?

Yes. We are a custom company and can accomodate any design within reason. We also offer standard sizes as seen throughout the industry.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is subject to market rates, as we do not make any money on shipping. We typically shop a few different carries to find you the best rate, or you are also free to choose your own carrier.

Do you provide installation of your Prefab Modular Rooms and how much does it cost?

We provide (and recommend) installation for an additional cost, however we also provide detailed installation instructions for those who choose to assemble themselves. The price of installation depends on the scope and location of the project. Please contact our sales team for a quote 951-350-1640.

In which states are PodTronix Booths/PODs approved?

PodTronix is UL Certified, a nationally recognized safety listing. All of our Booth/POD models have also been reviewed by a third party professional engineer and Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI) licensed in all 50 states.

Can I get documentation to submit to the AHJs (Authorities Having Jurisdiction)?

Yes – PodTronix provides the necessary documentation for our enclosure’s approval process. For every unit, we provide a full set of annotated drawings.

What are the electrical requirements?

We can customize any of our systems to meet your electrical needs. However, our standard power requirement for our Prefab Modular Rooms is 208v 3-Phase, 38.6 amps, and for our PODs is 208v/240v 1 phase power. We can also provide 480 amp panels upon request.

Do you provide a fire suppression system?

Our POD series comes with dry chemical fire suppression, but our Prefab Modular Rooms do not come standard with an automatic fire suppression system. However, Per NFPA 1 (2018) an automatic fire suppression system is required inside of the Booth/Hood. “An automatic suppression system shall be provided within hoods, or enclosures, including ductwork”.

We offer as an additional package a standalone automatic fire suppression system. Included in the price for this package is the materials for the powder-based system as well as coordination of installation and assembly.

As an alternative, and often cost-effective approach, to purchasing a standalone fire suppression system, the PodTronix Prefab Modular Room can be tied into a building-wide sprinkler system, by integrating sprinkler heads inside of the booth, exhaust plenum, and exhaust duct.

Are your booths fire rated?

As long as you comply with NFPA 33 (2018) 5.5, a fire rating is not required for walls. Compliance with NFPA 33 (2018) 5.3.2 and NFPA 1 (2018) Chapter 38 has been established for our extraction enclosures in regards to construction requirements for cannabis extraction facilities.

“Booths shall be separated from other operations by a minimum distance of 915 mm (3 ft) or by a partition, wall, or floor/ceiling assembly having a minimum fire resistance rating of 1 hour”.

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