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Code Compliance

Podtronix is UL Certified

UL Certified in the US and Canada
(UL 1389 – 2021)

The necessary use of flammable and pressurized solvents in the extraction process have the potential, even when used correctly, to create dangerous conditions that can dramatically compromise the safety of your staff, equipment, and facility. Podtronix has worked directly with the engineers at Underwriters Laboratories (UL) in the comprehensive evaluation of our CID1 & Multi-Zone enclosures and PODs, their equipment, and critical safety systems. The result is the successful UL Certification of these enclosures and PODs for use in the plant oil extraction industry.

With the fast paced and continuous evolution in the cannabis extraction industry, change is a constant that can, without proper evaluation, undermine overall safety. Safety must always be the primary consideration, from initial concept to final installation. Final approval to proceed with extraction operations will only be given after all of the components and safety systems have been evaluated by the AHJ, and have been determined that they meet or exceed every applicable safety standard, a complex endeavor to be sure.

Our UL Certification will expedite your facility’s approval process. This prestigious and coveted equipment listing from UL, the oldest, largest, and most respected Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) in the world, confirms that our CID1 & Multi-Zone enclosures and PODs, their integrated components, and safety systems have been evaluated by UL and have been determined to effectively provide a safe extraction environment, and that they meet or exceed both the Fire Marshal and Building Code requirements.

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Peer Reviewed

Every Podtronix CID1 & Multi-Zone enclosure and POD can have a Professional Engineering Peer Review, and be evaluated by a third party professional engineering firm licensed in all 50 states, Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI). Peer reviewed Podtronix CID1 & Multi-Zone enclosures and PODs have been determined by PSI to be compliant per the following standards:

  • NFPA 1 2018: Chapter 38 – Marijuana Processing Equipment
  • Washington Fire Code 2019: WAC 51 54A 3800
  • International Fire Code 2018: Chapter 39
  • California Fire Code 2019: Chapter 39
  • International Mechanical Code (IMC) 2018
  • California Mechanical Code (CMC) 2019
  • Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC) 2021

The PSI Peer Review ensures that Podtronix CID1 & Multi-Zone lab enclosures and PODs, their critical safety systems, and integrated components comply with the list of applicable standards shown above. We also ensure that all SOPs adhere to the appropriate guidelines established by state law, OSHA, and general industry safe practice guidelines.