About Podtronix

Who’s Building Your Next Extraction Lab? Podtronix, of Course.

Our Story

Since 2004, our parent company Marathon Finishing Systems, Inc. has been making coating environments and spray paint booths for industrial applications.

At Podtronix we have a talented and creative in house ‘Cutting Edge’ engineering team. We design, manufacture, and install Prefabricated UL Certified C1D1 Extraction Labs for plant oil extraction. Our CNC centric manufacturing facility allows us the opportunity to maintain a high level of quality control, while cutting costs. Our large inventory of common components means instant availability for our tight production schedule.

Podtronix is UL Certified (UL/ULc 1389) for ALL of our C1D1 and C1D2 Extraction Labs and PODS. Our UL Certification applies to both the US and Canada, and signifies our products are the safest products available.

We invite you to visit our facility in Temecula, CA to watch our shop in action, meet the design team, admin team, sales team, etc. and see for yourself why Podtronix gets so many referral and repeat clients.

Engineered for safety, Designed for Success, Certified by UL.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the safest C1D1 labs, C1D2 labs, Grow Rooms, and supporting production enclosures available in the industry. All of our enclosures are UL Certified, which establishes our commitment to your safety above all other considerations. Our ability to design, manufacture, and install safe hazardous work environments is second to none, and our commitment to our customer’s satisfaction and success is unparalleled. Safety is not a secondary byproduct of design, it is the primary focus of our engineering. At Podtronix, function can follow safety. We prove it every day.