Why HVAC Is an Important Aspect of a Successful Cannabis Production Facility

Every cannabis producer understands how important proper lighting and nutrients are to success in cannabis cultivation. However, many growers and extractors overlook vital importance of ventilation as they set up their cannabis production facilities. The only way to keep your staff and your plants safe is to install an HVAC system in your facility, but what exactly is HVAC, and why is it a necessary aspect of your grow operation?

What Is HVAC?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and it’s an industry term that refers to a style of commercial or home ventilation that incorporates all of these components into a central system. These systems keep track of the ambient temperature inside a commercial or residential space, and they apply forced air heat or air conditioning to keep the interior temperature steady.

In most cases, HVAC systems consist of a series of ducts and fans that traverse the entirety of an indoor space. These ducts vary in size, and their connected fans vary in both size and RPM rates. Most HVAC systems also have exhaust vents that connect directly from the outside; they send air out of these vents to modify the interior temperature.

Some advanced types of HVAC systems are equipped with humidity controls, and they may also have filters that keep odors from passing from the interior space into the outside world. While it’s possible to install an HVAC system yourself, it’s best to rely on professionals to take care of this task since HVAC installation is relatively dangerous.

Why Is HVAC Necessary for Grow and Extraction Operations?

Maintaining optimum temperature is absolutely necessary if you want to have success growing cannabis. If your plants are too hot or cold, they won’t grow properly, and it’s best to handle climate control with a central system to avoid variations between different parts of your grow area. HVAC systems are the most optimal solution for providing your plants with plenty of fresh, carbon dioxide-rich air and keeping the temperature in your grow area stable.

A proper HVAC system becomes even more necessary if you’re extracting cannabis in your production facility. While it’s true that plants need plenty of fresh air to grow up big and strong, humans need good air quality as well, and the chemical gases that are produced through certain extraction processes can be deadly.

Wherever you extract cannabis, it’s important to have an HVAC system in place to remove contaminated air and introduce fresh air into the production environment. The members of your staff also benefit from working in an ideal temperature, and when you’re running multiple HPS lights or operating extraction equipment in an enclosed space, things can get hot and sweaty relatively quickly without HVAC.

All of our grow rooms and extraction labs come equipped with HVAC, which is a rarity in the industry. To learn more about how our HVAC systems keep you and your plants safe, contact us today!

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