Why Growing Cannabis in Growrooms Maximizes Yieds

Did you know that growing cannabis in grow rooms maximizes yields?

While people have grown marijuana for hundreds of years, cultivating the plants to produce flowers that have consistently great quality can be difficult. When you grow your cannabis plants outdoors, you must contend with wind, rain, drought, diseases, and other issues.

Instead of leaving your plants to the environment’s mercy, growing them indoors in a controlled environment may allow you to get the consistent pharmaceutical quality buds that you want. Controlled grow rooms also allow you to simulate an environment that might be much different than the one in which you live. By using smart technology and controls, you can maximize your yields while preventing problems such as powdery mildew. Here are some reasons why growing cannabis in controlled grow rooms helps to give you maximum yields of high-quality flowers.

Control over environmental conditions

When you grow cannabis in grow rooms, you can have complete control over all of the environmental factors. Cannabis that is grown outdoors can be impacted by hail, wind, snow, rain, and humidity. Outdoor crops may also be attacked by insects, eaten by animals, and suffer plant diseases.

When you grow cannabis in sealed grow rooms such as the modules from PodTronix, you can control everything. The grow rooms can allow you to control the light, heat, growth cycles, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. The rooms have air circulation fans to ensure that the appropriate amount of air circulates in the sealed environment, and the environmental controls have sensors that help to control and adjust everything to fit your plants’ life cycles. These controls can help you to get the growth that you want. The sensors can help to maintain a constant level of humidity so that your plants never reach their dew points, helping you to prevent powdery mildew from taking hold.

Multiple harvests possible each year

Grow rooms to maximize yieldsIf you grow your cannabis outdoors, the number of harvests that you might enjoy will be limited. Indoor grows in sealed environments allow you to complete multiple harvests every year. In most locations, people who grow cannabis can only get single harvests each year because of the environmental conditions.

The grow lights and environmental controls allow you to simulate the perfect environment for growth. This lets you grow plants on an ongoing basis so that you can harvest them year-round. The environmental controls can also let you produce plants with high-quality flowers that have higher concentrations of THC than plants that are grown outdoors.

Better security

Growing marijuana outdoors or in greenhouses is less secure than growing it indoors in sealed, controlled environments. Most people know what cannabis looks like. If people are able to see your crops, some might decide to target you for robberies. Even if your crops are surrounded by tall privacy fences, most people recognize the distinct aromas that growing marijuana plants emit.

The sealed pod grow rooms from PodTronix offer security features that can protect you and your crops. The higher-level series come with carbon filters to prevent the smell of your growing plants from attracting attention. Since they are built inside of modified shipping containers, there will be little to indicate that there are plants growing inside. You can also opt to add security features such as video cameras. Having strong security in place is important to protect both your crops and your workers from thefts and potential harm.

Hydroponics reduces space and maximizes yields

Hydroponic grows are possible when you grow your cannabis indoors in sealed, controlled environments. Hydroponic systems allow you to grow more plants in less space, and the results are superior to cannabis plants that are grown in soil.

Hydroponics allows you to control the food source for your growing crops. This can help you to maximize your yields by providing the correct amount of nutrients to your plants at all times. Hydroponics also reduces the risk of diseases and pests that are born of soil. The results are faster, and the product looks more appealing. Finally, you are able to automate your grows with hydroponics by using different systems such as deep water culture or aeroponics.

Ability to prevent light from streaming in

grow rooms to maximize yields - lightsGrowing cannabis plants have light and dark cycles that must be maintained for the maximum growth. While the plants are in their vegetative stages, they should receive as many hours of light per day as possible. Using full-spectrum growing lights can allow you to give your plants at least 18 hours of light per day, and some growers give their plants even more light per day during the vegetative phase. This encourages the plants to grow.

In natural conditions, marijuana plants will grow outdoors throughout the summer months. When the days become shorter and the nights longer, it signals the plants to begin flowering. Marijuana plants will start flowering at the end of the summer and into the fall months when they are grown outdoors.

When you grow plants indoors in your sealed growing container, you can signal them to begin flowering by using longer blackout periods. During the flowering stage, you will want to have equal amounts of darkness and light or 12 hours each. Growing in a sealed environment with blackout features can let you block any light from seeping into the growing area so that the plants are encouraged to produce more flowers.

Without having 12-hour periods of uninterrupted darkness, your plants will remain in their vegetative states and won’t flower. By blocking out light and giving them a minimum of 12 hours of darkness, your plants will begin to flower. Marijuana plants have light receptors in their leaves. When they get sufficient periods of darkness, it activates plant hormones so that the plants change from their vegetative states into the flowering stage.

Antimicrobial features

If you are unable to control the growth of fungi, mold, bacteria, and pests, your entire crop can be decimated. Most growers are aware that if they are unable to carefully control indoor environments, mold, fungi, bacteria, and pests can be a real danger to their crops. The pods from Podtronix use antimicrobial paint that discourages the growth of bacteria, mold, and fungi while also deterring pests. Your ability to keep the humidity under control with the HVAC system and the control panel can give you an added layer of protection against crop-destroying pests.
Learn more with PodTronix

It is possible to maximize your yields and to produce buds that have higher concentrations of THC by growing your plants in a sealed, indoor controlled environment. PodTronix offers four different controlled growing pods that can help you to achieve multiple yearly harvests in less space. To learn more about the standard features and the optional components that are available in each of these growing environments, contact PodTronix today by filling out our online contact form or calling us at (951) 252-2994.

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