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“We are very pleased with our PodTronix extraction/distillation environment. We worked with PodTronix on slightly customizing our operating environment where approximately 80% of the “Pod” is dedicated for extraction and the other 20% is for distillation (i.e., 80% C1D1 environment and 20%C1D2 environment). I actually was able to go to their manufacturing location and examine our system near the end of fabrication before shipping.

The system was fabricated and shipped on time, which during the early stages of Covid-19 pandemic was quite remarkable however, through it all the staff was very professional, kept us updated, worked extremely closely with our OEM vendors with details regarding our proposed extraction and distillation configuration, and were helpful with suggestions. Our collaboration was great.

We have operated our extraction and distillation for over two years. The Installation by our local electrician only required a couple of days and we commissioned the Pod the next day, then essentially plugged in our equipment after that…so from the time the Pod arrived to full operational status – one week!”

Milan Kluko

HMSV, Inc.