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Prefabricated extraction labs and booths are growing in popularity for many reasons. They include:


Lower cost

Because components for prefabricated extraction labs are pre-manufactured the cost is less than traditional construction.  The panels also ship at market rates, with no profit margin built into that aspect. You can also assemble it yourself if you wish, although assembly is available.


Time savings

Compared to building a lab or multiple facilities, prefabricated labs can be designed and installed much faster, meaning operations can be performed sooner, especially because the permit process is much easier. Every unit from PodTronix, a manufacturer of booths and pods, comes with a full set of annotated drawings.



With different industries and jurisdictions having different regulations, a trusted manufacturer that can provide an extraction booth or pod that meets all legal requirements is crucial. No need to waste time or money working to get up to code when it comes ready to assemble and install. Pods and booths are available as C1D1 or C1D2 as needed for the industry.



Prefabricated labs and booths can be created to fit just about any size space, and can also be disassembled and moved if the business relocates. You can’t do that with traditional construction. Multiple units of pods and booths can also be joined together for complete facility build-outs as needed.



Prefabricated pods and booths that come from PodTronix are UL Certified in the United States and Canada and engineered for safety. This manufacturer in Temecula, CA near San Diego, has been constructing pods and booths for more than 50 years.



The extraction pods from PodTronix are constructed from 14-gauge steel to ensure durability and the modular extraction labs are available as single or double wall with 18 or 20 gauge steel and integrated safety features.



PodTronix can ship their prefabricated extraction lab, booths and pods to all 50 states and Puerto Rico.