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Pre-Fabricated Modular C1D1/C1D2 Extraction Labs and Rooms

Engineered for Safety, Designed for Success, Certified by UL.

Our Certifications

All PodTronix products have been thoroughly reviewed and tested, and have been awarded the following certifications:

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL, ULc – 1389)
  • PSI – Peer Reviewed
  • PRV – Peer Reviewed
C1D1/C1D2 Extraction Labs

Our Standards

All of our products meet or exceed the following national safety and fire standards:

  • International Fire Code (IFC)
  • California Fire Code (CFC)
  • National Fire Protection Assn. Code 1  (NFPA 1)
  • National Fire Protection Assn. Code 33 (NFPA 33)
  • National Fire Protection Assn. Code 70 (NFPA 70)
  • International Mechanical Code (IMC)
  • Occupational Safety Hazards Assn. (OSHA)
C1D1/C1D2 Extraction Labs

UL/ULc Certified Pre-Fabricated Modular
C1D1/C1D2 Extraction Labs

Prefabrication doesn’t mean you can’t customize. It just means you save time and money during permitting, licensing and construction. Our modular units are designed with safety in mind, but totally customized for your unique situation and they are able to be disassembled and moved as needed. These modular rooms are code compliant, turnkey, and can be shipped to any state.

  • UL/ULc Certified (U.S. & Canada)
  • PSI pre-approved
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Turn key environment
  • Integrated safety features
  • Explosion proof components
  • Customizable/configurable
  • C1D1/C1D2 or multi-zone models
  • Quick build time

The following components are all standard as part of our UL certified package and designed to work seamlessly with our automated controls, providing you with the highest level of performance and safety.

We Make Many Different Sized Labs
Our extraction labs start at 8′ wide x 8′ tall x 8′ deep, go up to 24′ wide x 16′ tall x 70′ deep, and can be combined and connected for multi-zone configurations.

  • Automatic ‘SMART’ safety control panel
  • Integrated gas detection system
  • Visual and audio alarms
  • Self closing, self sealing doors
  • Bright, high efficiency LED lighting
  • Optimized airflow design with dual speed for added safety
  • Minimal full load amp draw

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We build it all! Single Wall Construction or Double Wall Construction?

  • Podtronix can build your extraction lab using either “Single Wall” or “Double Wall” construction methods.
  • Both pre-fabricated modular enclosure types are well crafted, structurally rigid, and extremely strong.
  • Double wall construction is available for the ultimate clean room, first class finish.

Single Wall: Good

C1D1/C1D2 Extraction Labs
C1D1/C1D2 Extraction Labs

Double Wall: BEST

Build in place modular multizone CID1/CID2 extraction lab with dual control panel
C1D1/C1D2 Extraction Labs

Check Out Our Amazing ‘Smart’ Control Panel

Our Design Process

Engineered to Exacting Standards



Design Consultation & Facility Evaluation



3D Modeling & Engineering


Manufacturing & Crate for Shipping


Deliver, Install & Commission System

Whether It Be a Single Lab or a Multi-Room Layout, We Can Help

  • We manufacture all types of configurations, from single room designs, to very well thought out multi room configurations.
  • Let us help you with your new lab design.

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Talk To Us About Facility Build-Outs

C1D1/C1D2 Extraction Labs
C1D1/C1D2 Extraction Labs
  • Check out our “Facility Build Outs” page for more info about our Multi-Room Configurations.
  • C1D1/C1D2 Off Gassing Rooms, Extraction Rooms, Distillation Rooms, Non-Classified Labs

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Download the C1D1 Pre-Fabricated Modular Extraction Lab PDF Brochures

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C1D1 Build In Place DW PDF Brochure

Pre-Fabricated Modular C1D1 Extraction Labs – Double Wall

C1D1 Build In Place SW PDF Brochure
Pre-Fabricated Modular C1D1 Extraction Labs – Single Wall
Single v Double PDF Download

Pre-Fabricated Modular Enclosures – Single vs Double Wall Construction

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