How To Extract CBD Safely from Cannabis or Hemp

Are you wondering how to extract CBD safely from cannabis or hemp? Due to its well-researched medical benefits, CBD is becoming more and more popular. As a result, an increasing number of companies are seeking the best ways to extract the purest and safest CBD possible, but figuring out which types of equipment you’ll need to extract this substance can be hard. In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of CBD extraction and explain why PodTronix grow rooms and extraction labs give you the capability to produce this highly popular substance safely and profitably.

An Ever-Growing CBD Industry

Since the DEA recently removed CBD from Schedule I controlled substance status, the CBD industry in the USA is set to explode over the next few years. It’s now up to individual states to decide how they want to handle the legality of this substance, and using CBD to treat serious medical conditions is becoming more mainstream.

Not all CBD is made equal, however, and the best way to set yourself apart from the competition is to use extraction methods that are better than those used by your competitors. Learn more about the types of extraction methods that are available and how you can use recent advances in CBD extraction technology to your advantage.

Types of CBD Extraction Processes

CBD can be extracted in a number of different ways. Here are the three most popular methods for extracting this substance:

1. CO2 Extraction

CO2 extraction is one of the most common CBD production methods. This type of extraction is one of the most selective options available, and it also doesn’t leave behind any residual solvents. As a result, CO2 extraction is great for vape pens, and it’s also the safest type of extraction for creating CBD oil for human consumption.

It’s easy to automate the CO2 extraction process, and minimal safety requirements are put in place for this type of extraction. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that CO2 extraction is expensive, and it is also somewhat slower than other extraction methods. If CO2 extraction processes are attempted manually, furthermore, they can be quite complex and hard to learn.

2. Hydrocarbon Extraction

Now that CO2 and ethanol extraction are easier to pull off on a budget, hydrocarbon cannabis oil extraction is less common, but some CBD manufacturers may still choose to use this process to create raw cannabis oil. The two most common types of hydrocarbons used to extract cannabis oil are butane and propane, and this method is undeniably effective and inexpensive.

However, hydrocarbons are highly volatile solvents, and they also leave behind trace chemicals that may be dangerous to human health if they aren’t removed with a further purification process. In addition, hydrocarbon extraction facilities are usually subject to much stricter standards than other types of CBD production facilities, and it isn’t easy to select or tune this type of extraction. Furthermore, it’s hard to automate hydrocarbon CBD extraction.

3. Ethanol Extraction

There are a number of benefits to ethanol extraction that set it apart from both CO2 and hydrocarbon extraction. For instance, ethanol extraction is very inexpensive, and this type of CBD extraction also requires less power than CO2 extraction. Even better, the ethanol extraction process is very fast, and it’s easy to scale an ethanol CBD extraction operation up or down as need be.

However, ethanol extraction is the least selective or tunable CBD extraction method on the market; this extraction method even extracts chlorophyll, which then must be removed from the end product to avoid coloration issues and potential toxicity. These factors make intensive secondary processing unavoidable, and ethanol is also highly flammable, which means that this substance is dangerous to work with.

The Importance of Safety

After oil is extracted from a hemp or cannabis plant, it needs to be winterized to separate CBD from the other Cannabis sativa components. This process involves combustible fluids, so it’s highly important to perform the “winterization” process in a controlled environment.

Lastly, a process called short path distillation is also performed on CBD oil to further purify it before it is mixed with other substances and packaged into consumer products. Before you get to the point of performing short path distillation, however, you’ll need to establish a safe environment to perform the extraction and winterization processes.

The most effective and safest environment for extracting CBD from cannabis is a PodTronix extraction lab. These modular units contain all of the tools you’ll need to maintain a sanitary and well-ventilated environment, and these stackable, self-contained labs can be deployed in a number of different environments.

PodTronix extraction labs are suitable for any type of CBD extraction since they remove dangerous fumes. In addition, every PodTronix lab comes with an antimicrobial interior coating to ensure that your extraction environment remains safe and sanitary.

These labs also come with electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and integrated power keys to activate or deactivate your lab in an instant. Best of all, PodTronix labs are customizable to fit your production environment no matter what type of facility you have.

Even when you’re working with extraction chemicals that are traditionally considered to be non-volatile, proper ventilation and safety precautions are vital. Not only is it critical to ensure the safety of your workers during the extraction process, but CBD that has been extracted safely will also meet the rigorous testing standards that separate unethical and unsuccessful CBD companies from the CBD companies that are taking the nation by storm.

The PodTronix Difference

Here at PodTronix, we work with you to develop extraction tools that fit perfectly with your business model. All of our labs are built in compliance with the most stringent safety and legal requirements, and our portable extraction facilities are perfect for distinguishing yourself from the competition in an increasingly competitive CBD industry. To learn more about how we can help you extract CBD safely in commercial quantities, contact us today!

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