Aero Series Grow Rooms for Professional Cultivation

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The Aero Series Grow Room Features

The Aero Series has all of the features and components of our
Benchmark and Standard Series grow rooms, plus all of the upgrades and additional features shown below...

Hydro Series Grow Pods
A Great Starting Point for Aero

The Aero Series Grow Room for Commercial Cultivation...

If you're thinking that this looks a lot like the Standard Series grow pod, you're right! The difference is that special additions and modifications may need to be made for your Aero grow operation, depending on your choice of equipment and provider for your Aero set up. We start with the same great Standard and Benchmark Series grow pod features, and then crank up the dial to 11!

The Aero Series grow room features and components include:

  • A standard ‘Wind and Water Tight’ ISO High-Cube steel Shipping Container
  • Energy efficient and long lasting LED overhead task lighting
  • Full standard 120v 6Hz electrical runs with a generous amount of outlets
  • Rugged industrial strength linoleum flooring formulated to withstand heavy traffic
  • Internal walls are finished with an industrial strength bright white high gloss anti-microbial paint to deter bacteria, fungi, spores, mold, and rust
  • Industrial steel Man Access door with keyless entry and an inner push-to-open ‘Panic Bar’ door release for a quick and easy exit in an emergency
  • Standard utility hook-ups for easy set up and tear downs

Aero can be a little tricky to set up properly, but don't worry! We will evaluate your Aero equipment and integrate it into your Aero build like it was born that way.

Contact us today. Aero just got easier! Grow your commercial cultivation business with PodTronix!



All PodTronix Pro Series grow pods are built to meet or exceed the following code requirements:
  • Worker Safety - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Fire Safety - National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 33, 58 and 70
  • Electricals - National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • Additional - Supplemental State and Municipal requirements

*Note: Your facility may be subject to locally amended (sometimes more restrictive) code requirements. Check with your prevailing Environmental, Fire, and Safety regulatory agencies before you place your order. If modifications are required, we will engineer them directly into your build!


  • Materials - PodTronix grow pods are built from durable steel high-cube ISO 'Wind and Water Tight' shipping containers
  • Internal Flooring - We only use high-quality Armstrong Linoleum, made for constant use and heavy foot traffic, with a long-lasting finish that is easy to clean. This helps reduce the possibility of contamination from mold, spores, fungi, and bacteria
  • Internal Finishing - Inside walls are coated with a bright white high gloss anti-microbial industrial paint to promote a more hygienic lab environment
  • Optional Clean Room Finish - Using optional FRP gloss white panels with an R13 insulation rating, we create a laboratory clean room fit and finish
  • Electricals - All electrical components, lighting, and controls are designed to meet safety code requirements


  • Overhead LED Task Lighting - Energy efficient and long lasting LED overhead task lighting
  • Electrical System - Full standard 120v 6Hz electrical runs with a generous amount of outlets
  • Control Panel - Custom configured to exceed your needs and scalable for future growth