Benchmark Series Grow Rooms for Growing


The Benchmark Series Grow Room Features

The Benchmark Series is based on our Standard Botanical Grow Pod Containers, with all of the upgrades and additional features highlighted in the illustration below.

Benchmark Series Grow Pods
This is Everything You Need

The Benchmark Series...Grow Rooms for Growing

We have made the Benchmark Series Grow Pods the best value in pre-configured and systemically integrated turn key solutions available. Each model in our grow pod product line builds upon the previous model, and then adds it's own features.

The Benchmark Grow Room has these features from the Standard Series:

  • A standard ‘Wind and Water Tight’ ISO High-Cube steel Shipping Container
  • Energy efficient and long lasting LED overhead task lighting
  • Full standard 120v 6Hz electrical runs with a generous amount of outlets
  • Rugged industrial strength linoleum flooring formulated to withstand heavy traffic
  • Internal walls are finished with an industrial strength bright white high gloss anti-microbial paint to deter bacteria, fungi, spores, mold, and rust
  • Industrial steel Man Access door with keyless entry and an inner push-to-open ‘Panic Bar’ door release for a quick and easy exit in an emergency
  • Standard utility hook-ups for easy set up and tear downs

Plus these Benchmark Grow Room features:

  • Environmental Controls to monitor and adjust, in real time, all key crop life cycle parameters
  • Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium grow lights. Considered by many seasoned growers to be the 'Gold Standard' of grow lights
  • Air Circulation Fans designed to create the proper air flow and minimize the potential growth of bacteria, spores, mold, and rust
  • Carbon Filtration to reduce the aroma of certain crop types, and promote a low profile
  • Dehumidifiers that can remove up to 500 PPD reducing the growth of bacteria, spores, mold, and rust even further, and promote healthy plant growth
  • Supplemental CO2 is available, but it's not for everyone. When you've pushed the envelope as far as you can push, adding CO2 may be the answer

Benchmark Series environmental labs provide a well built and structured grow environment that provides all of the mechanical and technological equipment to either expand or start an effective grow operation.

You CAN achieve predictable results and long term success in the growing marijuana business! We also offer a wide array of options and upgrades to meet your unique system requirements for a customized configuration tailored to your exact specifications. Combine that with our "Quick to Market" build times and an excellent return on investment, and you have an unbeatable recipe for success!

Contact us and we can help you realize your goals today. Grow your business with PodTronix!