Fume Hoods for Cannabis Production

PodTronix Fume Hoods for cannabis production are compact and efficient units engineered to safely remove chemical and hazardous fumes from designated work or other critical areas. These units are designed to draw minimal intake air from the ambient work environment, and provide an adjustable 'Low Flow' constant air motion to keep hazardous chemical fumes from accumulating and creating a danger to your workers or facility. Our Fume Hoods are manufactured in the U.S., and are made with 18 gauge steel, using rugged 'Nut & Bolt' assembly, and built to meet or exceed industrial standards (compliant to NFPA 33 safety requirements).
Bench Hoods - Fume Hoods

BenchTop Fume Hoods for Cannabis Production

PodTronix BenchTop Fume Hoods are built to provide maximum performance while taking up minimum space. From our smallest Fume Hood (the FH-30) to our largest (FH-144), there is a 'BenchTop' model available. The BT Hoods come with a stand, with or without caster wheels, 2 of which lock.
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Floor Fume Hoods for Cannabis Production

PodTronix floor model Fume Hoods give you broad 'Floor to Ceiling' coverage with the raw power to keep the clean air flowing with ease. Simple to move around (depending on your ducting availability), with a floor skirt to seal the unit to the floor.
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Floor Hoods - Fume Hoods

How to Get Rid of Cannabis Fumes When Growing and Extracting? With Fume Hoods


It's undeniable that cannabis produces an easily recognizable aroma when flowering. This smell can become even more pungent during the extraction process, which is why having a plan for removing cannabis fumes is an integral part of setting up your grow and extraction operation. When confronted with the overpowering odor that cannabis produces during extraction, it can be hard to figure out the best way to contain this scent within your facility and eliminate it. However, any expert will tell you that fume hoods are the way to go if you want to solve your cannabis fume problems once and for all.

What Are Fume Hoods?

Fume hoods are portable structures that can be used to remove fumes from flowering cannabis or cannabis extraction areas. These hoods are generally large enough to admit processing tables, and they have hoods on their ceilings that house high-RPM fans.

Some fume hoods are on wheels, and these types of hoods are usually large enough to admit standing person and a processing table. Other types of fume hoods are designed to be placed on top of tables, and these hoods can be placed on wheeled carts to make it easier to move them from place to place.

How Do Fume Hoods Work?

Fume hoods have fans that remove air from the area directly below the hood. These hoods are designed to remove air from a certain area, but by providing negative air pressure, they also help keep your entire facility properly ventilated.

The air from the top of a fume hood can be processed in two different ways. If you want, you can connect a fume hood directly to your HVAC system to pump cannabis production or extraction fumes out of your building. If you take this approach, it's recommended that you install carbon filters on the ducts leading out of your building to prevent the aroma of cannabis from reaching the outside world.

Alternatively, you can connect your fume hood to a recirculating filtration system. These filtration systems contain their own filters, and they do not connect directly to your HVAC system.

Why Are Fume Hoods Important?

When you're trimming fresh cannabis flowers, a pungent aroma is produced that some people may find unpleasant. You might want to remove this aroma with a fume hood, but this isn't the most common application of this type of cannabis production equipment.

Most cannabis producers use fume hoods to remove the chemical gases that are produced during the cannabis production process. Whether you're making butane hash oil (BHO) or Rick Simpson oil (RSO), most cannabis extraction processes have gaseous chemical byproducts that could be harmful to your health.

Fume hoods remove these toxic chemicals from workspaces, which protects your employees from potentially fatal gas exposure. These pieces of equipment are absolutely necessary anywhere that cannabis extraction takes place.

How Do You Install Fume Hoods?

In general, it's easy to set up one or more fume hoods in your cannabis production facility. Since many of these hoods are equipped with wheels, you can move them from place to place as needed. However, if you connect a fume hood to your HVAC system, it will be necessary to keep your hood in one permanent location.

Make Cannabis Fumes a Thing of the Past with PodTronix Fume Hoods

Here at PodTronix, we create comprehensive grow and extraction systems that incorporate all of the elements you'll need to pull off a successful cannabis production operation. Whether you need a custom-designed grow room or you're just looking for a way to make your facility fume-free, work with us to design a solution that will perfectly fulfill your needs. Our fume hoods are made in the USA and constructed from solid 18-gauge steel, so contact us today to get started!