CO2 Extraction Lab Pods

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The CO2 Extraction Lab Pod Features
The CO2 Lab is a compact mobile environment engineered specifically for safe and effective CO2 extraction operations for high yield, high quality production
A Full Sized CO2 Extraction Lab Pod!

The CO2 Extraction Lab Pod...

Our creative vision and innovative engineering effort have produced a mobile, full featured extraction environment with safety built into every component. This compact turn-key extraction pod has been engineered to support safe, efficient, high quality, high yield extraction operations. Every component, whether simple or complex, has been optimized to improve worker safety and promote increased yield quality and quantity. We 'sweat the little stuff' because we know that you do, too.

The CO2 Extraction Lab Pod features and components include:

  • Materials - PodTronix CO2 Extraction Lab Pods are built from durable steel high-cube ISO 'Wind and Water Tight' shipping containers
  • Internal Flooring - We only use high-quality Armstrong Linoleum, made for constant use and heavy foot traffic, with a long-lasting finish that is easy to clean. This helps reduce the possibility of contamination from mold, spores, fungi, and bacteria
  • Internal Finishing - Inside walls are coated with a bright white high gloss anti-microbial industrial paint to promote a more hygienic lab environment
  • Optional Clean Room Finish - Using optional FRP gloss white panels with an R13 insulation rating, we create a laboratory clean room fit and finish
  • Heating/Cooling System - Custom configured for your Pre-Fab Lab and local climate
  • Overhead LED Task Lighting - Energy efficient and a long service life
  • Control Panel - Custom configured to exceed your needs and scalable for future growth
  • Exit & Emergency Lights - The battery back up is activated by an electrical outage, required by code
  • External Monitor - Displays the environmental conditions inside the lab while you're still outside
  • Eye Wash Stations - Stand alone manual bottles to units connected to your facility's existing water supply
  • Atmospheric Sensors - Constantly monitors the lab environment for unsafe 'Alert' conditions
  • Evac-Air® System - In the event of an unsafe atmospheric condition, evacuates and replaces the lab air in seconds
  • Fire Suppression - Fire is always unexpected and devastating. Minimize the risk and damage, fire safety is critical
  • Keyless Entry - One of many security features integrated into our product line
  • Electrical System - Full standard 120v 6Hz electrical runs with a generous amount of outlets
  • Security Doors - Industrial steel construction with Keyless Entry and 'push to exit' PANIC bar for a quick and easy exit in an emergency

Our CO2 Extraction Lab Pods are fully featured, highly mobile, easy to set up, and easy to maintain. These laboratory pods function equally well indoors or outdoors, are completely modular, and easily combined with our other grow rooms and labs.

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In addition to all of these features, we have upgrades and options, features for additional security, safety, fire protection, and more to choose from. If we don't offer the features you're looking for, we will also incorporate your preferred 3rd party components into your build. Combine that with our 'Quick Build' production and a true turn-key product, and you have every reason to call us today!

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