Cannabis Extraction Labs

PodTronix Modular Cannabis Extraction Labs can be configured to accommodate any extraction layout you can imagine! Each unit has a fully finished interior, and is painted with an industrial grade high gloss bright white anti microbial coating. We design everything we build with a ‘Safety First’ code compliant approach. All of our Extraction Labs come pre-wired with full electrical runs. Our lighting fixtures, electrical outlets, and components are also code compliant. Our 'Built-Out' turn key lab solutions make extraction equipment integration a pleasant experience! Whether you are using CO2, closed loop Butane (BHO) or any other approved hazardous solvent extraction method, our products ensure the safe and secure environment you need.
PreFab Extraction Labs

Pre-Fab C1D1 Cannabis Extraction Labs

Our Pre-Fabricated lab pods can be built to fit any facility configuration you have no matter how ‘Non-Standard’ it may seem. We offer a number of construction materials and building systems. From a single room to a multi-room layout, multi-floor, mezzanine… you name it. Our quick build cycles will help you meet your tight schedule, and our aggressive pricing will help keep your tight budget on target.
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C1D1 Extraction Lab Pods for Cannabis

Podtronix Modular Hydrocarbon C1D1 Extraction Labs are fully configured code compliant hazardous work zones, with explosion proof LED overhead task lighting, sealed interface NEMA electrical outlets, fire suppression, ample heating/cooling, and more. We give our lab pods a 'Clean' bright white anti-microbial industrial finish to create a professional yet comfortable 'Safety First' work environment fully focused on production.
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C1D1 Extraction Lab
CO2 Extraction Lab

CO2 Extraction Lab Pods

PodTronix Modular C02 Extraction Lab can be configured to accommodate any extraction layout you can imagine! Each unit has a fully finished gloss white interior.
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Multi-Zone Extraction Lab Pods

This model has a C1D1 configured work environment combined with an "Open Type" area and a C1D2 buffer zone between to meet code requirements. You can define the size and configuration based on your unique facility and production demands, resulting in a solution that would be virtually impossible to find anywhere else.
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Multi Zone Extraction Lab
Working Labs

Working Lab Pods for the Cannabis Industry

This model is a ‘General’ utility work space that has unlimited possible configurations that are only limited by your imagination. A trimming room, clean up room, secure storage area… when other solutions don’t quite fit, this model can be set up any way you might need it, with an unlimited selection of available options, even components from your 3rd party vendors.
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